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Moreland Services is a transaction company that prepare and aide in documents legal and non-legal we provide affordable services at competitive rates that will always be considerably less than those charged by an attorney or law firm. We prepare various documents. If you need it, ask us! Moreland Services is dedicated to preparing your forms efficiently, effectively and at an affordable price.

Our documents are prepared, in accordance with the applicable law. Call us for all your document services.


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DISCLAIMER: The information provided on these pages is general information only and is not intended as legal advice. Moreland Services is not staffed by lawyers and does not provide legal advice. We provide legal documents, at your direction, enabling you to represent yourself, Pro Se, in a court of law. We are not lawyers. We cannot represent anyone in a court of law, nor can we give you legal advice. Please consult an attorney for legal advice and remedies. Moreland Services is located and doing business in the State of Florida ONLY. If you are from any other state, please check your local state laws and consult your local telephone directory for an attorney in your area.


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